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28mm, 45mm & 60mm
Universal fit, Rotary Cutter Blades
Compatible with Olfa, Fiskars, Clover, DAFA, and more.
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45mm Rotary Cutter Blade

Universal Fit, Rotary Cutter Blades

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Ormkraft Rotary Cutter Blades

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US and International Orders

Ormkraft Rotary Cutter Blades

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Each package contains 10 Rotary Cutter Blades but for a fraction of Name-Brand price.

Each package contains 10 brand new, rotary blades for your rotary cutter.
Ideal for both hobby and professional use, cutting Fabric, Paper, Leather, Film, Vinyl, etc...
Beware of imitation stainless steel. Ours are made of durable, high carbon, SKS-7 steel; very sharp and keep their edge.

Established in 2013, Ormkraft has thousands of loyal customers who will attest to our sharpness and durability.
You may find cheaper blades, but you won't find less expensive ones.

Covered by the Ormkraft triple guarantee
Any questions feel free to contact us.

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A Slice of History

Olfa introduced the first rotary cutter in 1979 for garment making, however this versatile tool was quickly adopted by quilters. Since that time, all manner of professionals and hobbiests have embraced the ease and safety this tool provides. Though the majority of our customers use our rotary cutter blades for fabric, there are those that use them for paper and leather crafts as well as for cutting specialty compound fabrics such as neoprene.

As enthusiasts ourselves, we were discouraged with the excessive price each of the name brand companies placed on their respective cutter blades. It was that concern that drove my wife and I to investigate better alternatives.

Since its introduction, many manufacturers have begun to produce rotary cutter blades. Unfortunately not all blades are created equal and it is a winding trail to learn the differences. After a rapid leaning curve in metalurgy, we became more understanding of the specific alloy and treatments that are needed in a good blade, but... let's just say that many international manufacturers have little scruples when it comes to honesty about material composition.

Over the course of a couple of years we tried many suppliers, but were repeatedly let down by the quality. Pretty much all blades start with a razors edge, but usage over time tells the true story. We were begining to believe the big name brands might be right. Fortunately for us (and all our raving customers) we hit on a supplier that delivered what they promised.

Since 2013 we have continued to build a strong relationship with our supplier, and they continue to deliver.

You can't deal in such a large quantity of product and never have a problem. Like any manufactured product, there can be "duds" in the assembly, so for that reason we offer an unconditional guarantee of quality.

We use our own product daily and that's why we know we can stand behind it.

We hope to be a long standing partner with you. Whatever way you use our product, you can do it with the same confidence as you do with a name brand blade, only with a few more $$ left in your pocket.

Oh, and about that...
These aren't no-name blades, they're ORMKRAFT blades, they just come with a no-name price.

Peace in all you do.

See What Others Are Saying
Awesome blades. The quality is excellent and you sure can't beat the price. Heather's customer service is amazing. Alberta, Canada
They are great. Heather sent me a few a few weeks ago and I LOVE LOVE THEM. I won't be ordering any until after the first of the year - but I will ONLY buy from her from now on.
They're great! The only blades I use! I bought several packages awhile ago and I LOVE them!
I will only buy my blades from Heather from now on. She also sells awesome sewing machine needles.
Thank you heather for my blades, I will definitely order more next year.
Excellent company to deal with. I'm very happy with my purchase & also the Christmas drawing prize I won from them. Thanks So much Heather.
Lois Dow, just had to let you know that the rotary blades you referred are outstanding......have never had blades that cut quite like these, wonderful! Thank you
We use these everyday in my business and they last a real long time... they are better then the Olfa blade that you spend lots of money on...
I have a big compliment to a great company here on Facebook... Ormkraft Rotary Cutter Blades... We have been using these blades to cut our Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes, and Charm Packs... and they last... I have to tell... We were looking on Amazon and saw these other blades and they were cheaper and free shipping... so we got them and what a waste of time... They are going back... They didn't cut very good at all... So if you want a great deal on Rotary Cutter Blades...go to the page and order some and Heather is a great person to deal with... she sends them right out too... Thank you Heather.... KOQ Lois
The blades are awesome and fast shipping too!!
Got my blades a few days ago, they are great, thank you !!
I would buy more when they are ready! Australia
Got my blades today. Fast shipping.thanks SC
Received your blades and I am very satisfied with the quality and durability! Thank you, I will recommend your product any day! ME
Received them last week...they are great, glide thru fabric!!
Great communication, fast shipping, excellent price and product. Will definitely be ordering again! CA
Have used them and they cut like butter on 4 layers of denim. MB
Yes, I have used the blades & they are totally awesome . Even sharper than the original types . Not sure if I can mention the brand I used before. ON
These blades are great! Thank you. AB
Received my blades today - thank you very very much - very happy with price and delivery! Would order more for sure! BC
Got my blades yesterday. Tried one out today and they are fantastic! Texas
My blades arrived last week.. I am very impressed with them! I didn't realise how blunt my blade was until I tried one of these! United Kingdom
Hi Heather, My packets of 45mm blades arrived safely in Norway yesterday. Nice and speedy! Thank you very much, they are great! Norway
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